We have more City Year Baton Rouge AmeriCorps members joining us for the rest of the year. We are so excited to have addition AmeriCorps members making a difference in our Baton Rouge schools, ready to #makebetterhappen. Allow us to introduce you to them! We are thrilled to have them!

Marrium Dunn | Baton Rouge, LA | 22 years old

"I decided to join City Year to give back to my community and to make a difference in someone's life. I wanted to challenge myself to do something outside my comfort zone and I believe that City year will help me grow as a person."


Christian Arthur | Baton Rouge, LA | 18 years old

"I joined City Year because I believe that education is important and I want to see students achieve their goals and walk across the stage at graduation."


John Hanley | Baton Rouge, LA | 22 years old

"I wanted to devote myself to serving my community, especially after growing up in the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School system. I'm ready to dip my toes into the teaching profession and make a difference for tomorrow's generation."


Tirane' Harrington | Oakdale, LA | 23 years old

"I wanted to open up opportunities to mentor students in and outside of the classroom. Kids are our future and giving them positive role models can encourage them to want to be better individuals."


Ashton Harris | Opelousas,  LA | 22 years old

"Honestly, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do right after graduation, so a friend told me about this opportunity. I love working and giving back to kids and I know that this be will a life-changing opportunity."


Chris Charles, Jr | New Orleans, LA | 21 years old

"I decided to join City Year so I can impact young children in the education setting. I plan on being a teacher so this will be a great learning opportunity."


Asia Butler | Saint Louis, MO | 23 years old

"I want to show kids who look like me that they too can achieve their goals. They too can go to college and meet and supercede their goals."


Kiera Nisby | New Orleans, LA | 23 years old

"I joined City Year because I want to be an inspiration to young kids and make a difference in their lives." 


Earlisha Zachary | New Orleans, LA | 23 years old

"I have a passion for helping children. I want every child to feel and see that they have the opportunities to achieve whatever they set out to do. I am a strong believer that children are our future."


Tamara Alexander | Baton Rouge, LA | 22 years old

"I wanted to give back to my Baton Rouge community. I love my community and want to make a change. I am really excited to start this new journey."


Kimberly Guzman | Los Angeles, CA | 21 years old

"I decided to join City Year because I love their mission. It is something I am very passionate about."


Isabella Baesler | DeRidder, LA | 18 years old

"I joined City Year because it seemed like a good opportunity to provide a service that is needed while gaining personal experience."


Ariana Vasquez | San Mateo, CA | 22 years old

"I've always wanted to give back and I loved my time at LSU so being able to help the community is my goal. My brother has required a lot of aid in school so I want to be that help for students."


Grace Banta | Portland, OR | 24 years old

"I want to help students like myself, who grew up in a low-income family and worked hard to graduate high school and college."


For more information on City Year, please visit www.cityyear.org. To learn more about serving in Baton Rouge, check out this blog! Interested in joining City Year, apply today! The next application deadline is March 9th. 

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