Written by Rudy Comeaux, proud Associate Board Member with City Year Baton Rouge and Vice President of Organizational Development and People at The Lemoine Company.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a question that we didn’t cover yesterday, however, I feel obligated to respond to it. Who is your hero and why? 

I reflected a ton on this question – who is your hero and why? The ideal answer may be one person who I have looked up to for many years. However, I found myself settling on an answer that is much greater than that. My heroes are those that sacrifice for others, for the greater good for a cause much greater than themselves. I think a lot about this in regards to our Military and Service Men & Women. What an amazing gift they give us everyday in freedom.

I always make a point, every time I see someone in uniform, to stop and tell them “Thank you for your service”. I know this gesture may not mean much to many of them, but it’s the least we can do – be thankful for their honorable sacrifice for our country. Heroes who sacrifice for others may also be found in faith-based careers, public service, and absolutely found in City Year.

You all are sacrificing a minimum of one year of your life to serve the Baton Rouge community. A community many of you never knew before the summer of this year, yet you serve every day with optimism, character, joy and focus. This sacrifice is admirable at all levels. I know serving at City Year Baton Rouge is not all peaches every day, you have tough days and much better days. Well, I thank you for all days you serve in our community. It’s an amazing sacrifice.

So to end, YOU are my heroes. You are making a difference in many lives every day. Ultimately changing the trajectory of our Baton Rouge community and the world at large. Keep up the amazing work you do. 


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