Just as City Year mentors students to become future leaders, we help our AmeriCorps members build their leadership skills.  



Hours of professional development training AmeriCorps members received this year. City Year’s dedicated staff plans trainings, organizes networking activities, and makes sure that corps members can plan their next steps.  









Cups of coffee shared between 153 mentors paired with AmeriCorps members. Experienced professionals at companies such as Deloitte and Bain & Company share insights and connections to help corps members jumpstart their careers. 









Business cards exchanged at 18-Minute Networking (sponsored by Deloitte), connecting AmeriCorps members with professionals from 80 different organizations. 










Average number resume revisions before getting the bullet points just rightAmeriCorps members develop a long list of transferable skills during their service year, such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving. 









Average number of “WOOOOO!!!” texts sent by teammates after an AmeriCorps member gets accepted to graduate school. More than 100 universities provide benefits to AmeriCorps members through the City Year Alumni University Partners program. 





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