Teamwork is a vital component to any organization, and that is no different with City Year. Each team must be willing to work together in order to reach their goals. Our goals are typically individualized, with each corps member having a list of students to focus on in terms of academic and personal growth.  However, the support we receive from our teammates is unquantifiable, whether it is the sharing of ideas that make us more successful in the classroom or simply having someone to talk to or vent frustrations. The camaraderie that my team has with each other has been a driving force in our success. Everything is easier when people are willing to work together.

Another huge aspect to City Year are the small-scale and school-wide events that we host throughout the year. When an event is being put on, everybody will typically collaborate from the beginning stages of the planning process so that each member’s strengths can be utilized if they are needed. While every event is not necessarily going to call for the whole team to be involved, many of our events do, such as our Halloween Event, City Year’s House of Fear. During the event we had riddles, educational games, music, candy, snacks, and more. It came together so well because we all understood our roles and put forth our best effort for our students. These are the things that make City Year special: young people collaborating for the benefit of the students.

-Tony Esteban,

Former AmeriCorps member serving on the SeaBest Team at

William M. Raines High School

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