City Year Map

When you apply to serve with City Year, you have the option to choose to serve at one of our 28 sites throughout the country or where we most need you.  

Apply to a Specific Site  

You can choose your top location of interest as well as up to 3 secondary locations on the application. Applicants with relocation concerns are encouraged to consider our site-specific application options. 

Apply to Where You’re Most Needed 

If you apply to serve where you’re most needed, you are willing to be placed at any of City Year’s 28 sites across the country. Qualified applicants who pass the interview stage, will be placed at a site for further consideration throughout the application process. Placements are based on City Year’s site-specific needs and an applicant’s experience.  

It’s a big decision to choose where you want to spend 11 months helping students succeed and working in a community to #makebetterhappen. Each city and site offers City Year AmeriCorps members different types of experiences. Learn more about each of our sites in relation to the population of the city, weather conditions, transportation options, housing and the number of AmeriCorps members serving as well as the total number of schools served. 

City Year Where to Apply

Start Dates

If you serve in: Your start date will be:
City Year Baton Rouge 7/24/2017
City Year Boston 8/7/2017
City Year Chicago 8/7/2017
City Year Cleveland 7/24/2017
City Year Columbia 7/24/2017
City Year Columbus 7/31/2017
City Year Dallas 7/31/2017
City Year Denver 7/24/2017
City Year Detroit 7/31/2017
City Year Jacksonville 7/24/2017
City Year Kansas City 7/24/2017
City Year Little Rock 7/24/2017
City Year Los Angeles 7/31/2017
City Year Memphis 7/24/2017
City Year Miami 7/31/2017
City Year Milwaukee 7/24/2017
City Year New Hampshire 8/7/2017
City Year New Orleans 7/3/2017
City Year New York 8/14/2017
City Year Orlando 7/24/2017
City Year Philadelphia 8/7/2017
City Year Providence 8/7/2017
City Year Sacramento 7/31/2017
City Year San Antonio 7/24/2017
City Year San José/Silicon Valley 7/31/2017
City Year Seattle/King County 8/7/2017
City Year Tulsa 7/24/2017
City Year Washington, DC 7/24/2017