Every year, thousands of City Year AmeriCorps members across the nation dedicate a year of their lives to serve the schools and communities that need it most. Many of these AmeriCorps members will return to serve for a second year because they want to continue to inspire and guide their students to achieve academic success.

Jacqueline and Kathy are doing just that. Read on to find out what service means to them and what drives them in their mission to serve the students of Los Angeles, this year and beyond.


Senior AmeriCorps Member and Team Leader, Santee Education Complex
College attended: California State University, Long Beach

What Service Means to Me: To me, service means being selfless. Selfless means to put the needs of my students and teammates before my own. I serve with City Year Los Angeles to empower students who come from a similar background as me. The student who is growing up in a single-parent household, first-generation in the U.S. with immigrant parents, in a low socio-economic status-- that's who I serve for. I serve for the student who feels like they're fighting a system that is not designed for their success.

Teresa Anderson


Senior AmeriCorps Member and Team Leader, Stevenson Middle School
College attended: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

What Service Means to Me: As cliché as it may seem, the students are what continue to drive me to serve with City Year Los Angeles. Not only do I get to see lives being turned around and students transformed as the year progresses, but they've taught me so much in return.

Through their personal stories, insights, challenges, and successes I've learned more than I could've ever hoped for. Growing up, my parents, who worked full-time, along with my three older sisters, instilled in me the value of hard work and higher education. They showed me how education could help me reach my highest potential. I would not be half the person I am today without them and their leadership. In turn, I serve to be that person for my students, pushing them to work hard, never give up on themselves, and to be an asset wherever they go in life.



I am choosing to make change in public education with @cityyearla because I need to. #makebetterhappen

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