In our pilot year in Memphis (2016-2017), we currently deploy 16 highly-skilled AmeriCorps members to serve in two public schools. Next year, we will grow to 50 AmeriCorps members and impact the futures of hundreds of students. 

When it comes to making an impact in the lives of the students and communities we serve, we wouldn’t be able to do it without the dedication and devotion of our AmeriCorps members.

As a City Year AmeriCorps member, you'll spend 11 months serving hands-on with students, supporting them both inside and outside of the classroom. You will play a pivotal role in helping them reach graduation and beyond. 

To get a better idea of what you’ll be doing if you’re accepted as an AmeriCorps member, take a look at the schedule below. While no two days are alike, you'll find that there are a variety of different activities that you'll be implementing to help students and schools succeed.