Written by Laura Reynolds on the Bay View High School City Year Team. 

“Who’s your favorite City Year?” This question is bandied about by students and City Year AmeriCorps members alike, and more often than not, the answer is Talia Alexander. She connects with the students effortlessly, joking and laughing with them in the hallways and pivoting to being indispensable in algebra and biology classes. Talia brings her skills to our team as well, acting as a constant source of humor and honesty that we always need.

From Michigan initially, Talia grew up in Beloit and graduated from UW-Whitewater this past May with a degree in social work. On weekends you can find her in either Milwaukee or Beloit going on adventures with a pack of children who belong to her siblings and friends. Her four-year-old nephew especially is especially a bright spot in her life. After work, Talia is the most dedicated supporter of Bay View sports, going to almost every home game that our students play. She always thinks of the students first, which is undoubtedly why they love and appreciate her so much.

For my part, I am also thankful for Talia every day. She is realistic while still being endlessly positive, and her regard for and enjoyment of our students shines through, whether she’s talking to them or about them. She knows every Administrator and Safety staff member at Bay View, helping knit City Year into the fabric of the school and hearing all the news which she duly reports back to the team. Talia is a helper and also someone who holds people accountable. This care that she shows everyone in her life shines through in her service – Bay View, and our team, are lucky to have her.

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