Meet City Year Associate Board Member, Lauren Fields-Bowers

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am ambitious, hard-working and determined! I am an individual that keeps God first in my life, and truly enjoys life-long learning, as well as getting involved with my community. I currently serve as a Proposal Manager with ManpowerGroup, and have been with the company for the past four years. Within this time, I have become very involved with our company’s Multicultural Employee Resource Group for Excellence (MERGE), and I also serve as a Team Captain on our company’s Employee Volunteer Council (EVC), which is where I was introduced to City Year. Manpower partners with City Year by providing volunteers for City Year events, such as Data Chats, 18-Minute Networking, and Service Days. On this council, I have had the opportunity to work with Manpower’s leadership to determine the City Year events that Manpower will participate in over the years, and to play an integral role in serving as a liaison to City Year and Manpower’s leadership/volunteers. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, friends, family, as well as traveling!

What was your educational experience like?
My mother was a Milwaukee Public School teacher for 30 years, so the importance of education was instilled in me at a very young age. Growing up, I attended all of the Brown Deer Public Schools (elementary, middle, and high school) and remained on the honor roll throughout my matriculation of those schools. After high school, I attended Hampton University in Virginia, which is a historically black university. I received my undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism and truly enjoyed my college experience. Following Hampton, I went directly into graduate school at Illinois State University, where I received my Master’s Degree in Communications. While at Illinois, I taught the Freshman Intro to Communications course and worked as the Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Mass Communications and Society. My dedication to high achievement in college, extracurricular involvement, as well as my internship experiences prepared me and paved the way for my transition into the workforce following graduate school.

Why do you serve as a City Year Milwaukee Associate Board member?
Having the opportunity to support City Year by participating on the Associate Board has been an inspiring experience for me. I enjoy serving on this board, because it allows me to contribute to an organization that is helping students overcome behavior challenges, improve math and English test scores, and prepare students for college. I have been blessed with many opportunities and experiences, so I believe it is my job to pay it forward and bless others. Talking to students during City Year’s Data Chats, I learned that many students are facing challenges beyond their control that are preventing them from performing at their best in school. I really enjoy those chats, because I can talk one-on-one with students, and provide recommendations to help improve their attendance and test scores.  Not only is City Year assisting students personally and academically, but it is also helping corps members develop professionally while providing them with first-hand career experience. By serving on this board, I have been able to be part of the planning for a corps appreciation event at Jazz in the Park, and served as a mentor to a Team Leader.

I serve as a City Year Milwaukee Associate Board member, because I whole-heartedly believe in the mission of this organization. City Year continues to grow and expand into additional schools allowing its corps members to reach more students in the city of Milwaukee. Every student deserves a chance to succeed and reach his/her full potential, and with City Year’s passion and desire to make a positive impact in the community, I believe that this goal will become a reality! 

Share your favorite City Year Milwaukee experience (so far):
My favorite City Year Milwaukee experience thus far has been attending the annual dinners. I love to see the corps members in action, as well as hear stories from students whose lives have been changed as a result of City Year’s involvement within their schools. Their stories are always very heartfelt and inspiring!

Favorite spot to eat (or drink) in Milwaukee:
My favorite places to eat in Milwaukee are Texas Roadhouse and Eddie Martinis.

Favorite Wisconsin sports team:
My favorite Wisconsin sports team is the Milwaukee Bucks. I have been attending Bucks games since I was a little girl.

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