Tell us a little bit about yourself:  I am a career driven working mom of 2 kids – Everett (3) and Sedona (1)…with a very supporting husband!  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it through my college accounting classes without him dragging me to coffee shops every night to study!

I am a CPA, with Ernst & Young for 11 years, and have experience in state and local tax with an emphasis in multistate corporate income and franchise taxation. I co-chair EY Milwaukee’s Professional Women’s Network, instruct Ernst & Young University, and coordinates numerous internal EY fundraising events partnering with Feeding America and Red Cross.  I am also a member of the WICPA Taxation Committee, AICPA and Milwaukee Tempo Emerge Program.

I received my Masters of Science in Management with a public accounting and tax emphasis and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

What was your educational experience like?  I visited a high school friend’s sister at UW-Milwaukee and instantly fell in love with the city. Coming from a small town, I had never seen so much life and tall buildings.  I knew I had to try city life.

Did you have a mentor growing up?  My mom.  As a business owner and mom of 3 girls, she showed us that women can do anything, if you put your mind to it.  My mom could fix pretty much any broken appliance.  The concept of men doing something that women couldn’t didn’t exist in our house.

Favorite teacher and why:  My high school accounting teacher, Mrs. Ehren, as she was the one that introduced me to the “fun” of debits and credits and I never looked back after that!  So many people in our little town of 2,000 people went into accounting careers because of her.

Share your favorite City Year Milwaukee experience (so far):  Definitely any ceremony where they will be there welcoming you, with chants and red jackets.  Their energy is infectious.

Favorite childhood book(s):  Never Tease a Weasel, I used to make my dad read it over and over and memorized the words, so I always knew when he tried to skip pages.

When you think about the future of this city, what are your greatest concerns? What makes you most hopeful? I see a lot of potential for the city, with many great companies, colleges and universities, and organizations who are doing their best to give back to the city.  I have concerns for our country and this city as we face the ever growing heroin and opioid epidemic, with so many drug related crimes and deaths.  I remain hopeful the many organizations will continue to fight for causes to make this city a better place.

Why do you serve as a City Year Milwaukee Associate Board member? Nearly one in three students in Milwaukee are at risk for dropping out. The consequences are real: students who drop out are eight times more likely to become incarcerated and three times more likely to be unemployed. When a student drops out of school it has a lasting effect on our communities.  City Year is helping to change this statistic everyday through its AmeriCorps members.  The students need these members to be their light to stay on track and graduate on time.  I want to support City Year in making that happen and raise awareness in the business community to what a great organization it is.

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