written by Tyler Jones


On Friday, September 8, City Year New Hampshire will hold its Opening Day ceremony celebrating our 2017-18 corps members, along with elected officials, community members, friends, and family. Our corps members have been preparing for their year of service since the beginning of August, and have attended workshops and performed beautification projects in elementary schools around Manchester, and so this ceremony marks the full kick-off of our service. However, this ceremony is not just a celebration of our new corps’ arrival. It is also meant to honor the energy and diversity that our corps members bring to Manchester, and the impact that it will have on our students.

City Year brings together young people from across the country and from diverse backgrounds to serve full-time in teams and alongside students in our community. Not only do our corps members support student performance in their ABCs (attendance, behavior, coursework,) for many of our young students, City Year corps members also serve as an example of how people from a multitude of races, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds can collaborate and work effectively as a team. It is essential that our students are presented with near-peer role models; it is equally essential that these corps members demonstrate that kids like them can grow up to be anything they set their mind to. Our diverse corps represents hope for children.  Having mentors and role models who show that your demographics do not decide your fate is crucial to building students’ confidence and helping them to succeed. If our children believe that they can amount to something, they will.

Opening Day is a time for celebration and dedication to why our corps members chose to spend a year in full-time service to our community. Along with the celebration of service, we also celebrate the multitude of perspectives that our corps members bring to Manchester. Please join us in honoring these committed young people on Friday, September 8 at 11:00 AM. Please feel free to join us for a light lunch following the ceremony. Click here to register.

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