Here at City Yearour team of AmeriCorps members work tirelessly to “make better happen” for the schools they serve. From one-on-one tutoring to peer mentoring, serving the Orlando   community helps create a brighter future for the students. As young adults, AmeriCorps members have bright futures themselves, with a myriad of career aspirations. That’s why 18 Minute Networking is important. This annual event facilitates dialogue about leadership and gives 68 AmeriCorps members the opportunity to meet and network with City Year partners, alumni and community leaders. Being able to network with these individuals may parlay itself into a bigger opportunity once AmeriCorps members’ year of service ends.    


Adrian Kierulf aide to Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and a City Year alumni, shared his journey from corps member to working professional and the importance of making lasting connections. "You never know where your next opportunity will come from, it may be from a connection you make at an event like this".  

Our community partners that participated as discussion leaders are invested in the personal and professional development of our AmeriCorps members . Larry Kahn, a discussion leader with the Golf Channel, divulged how he felt about the event. "I love to be a part of this event every year". Michelle Velasquez, a discussion leader with YMCA of the USA, said "This is the highlight of my week".  

Having these connections and building relationships are the first steps to potential careers for AmeriCorps members. Being able to give this to the people that give back to the community is how we "make better happen" for our team.

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