I joined City Year as an AmeriCorps member last year, because growing up I struggled tremendously in school. The presence of mentors and positive role models helped me grow and mature, and I wanted to help Philadelphia students in the same way.

Every day, I witnessed the power and impact my team’s service had on the lives of students in Philadelphia. There was one 5th grader in particular whom I will never forget. We spent the entire year working diligently on reading fluency, vocabulary, spelling, phonics and writing. The hard work paid off. In nine short months, she improved her reading skills by two grade levels. When I shared the news with her and her mom, they almost couldn’t believe it. It was shining proof of her potential for greatness.  

City Year helps empower young leaders and young learners alike, and I’m proud to be a part of the change.  I decided to return to City Year Philadelphia to serve as a Team Leader because I want to continue the great work we do in schools, harness my leadership skills and develop professionally with the support of this organization.  

Juan Signature.png

Juan Antonio Lopez
City Year Philadelphia AmeriCorps Team Leader Serving at McClure Elementary
Age: 23
Alma Mater: Arcadia University
Hometown: Wayne, PA

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